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  • Pimp my Stadium

    Pimp my Stadium

    We worked with a group of local ’taggers’ to give something back to the local community by creating a mural for Sligo Rovers Football Club. Most of the group had been involved in illegal graffiti...
  • SMX Mural

    SMX Mural

    Created a 35ft x 35ft mural in the small village of Sixmilecross, Nothern Ireland. The theme is based on how your first car can open up the world to you when you are from a rural community. It deals...
  • Cave of Forgotten Dreams

    Cave of Forgotten Dreams

    I will be creating a 170ft mural in Templebar for the Irish Film Institute . It will be based on Werner Herzog’s film of the same name about the recently discovered cave paintings in Chauvet in...

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