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Name: Sarah Fuller

Organisation: Dog and String Theatre


Member since:2009-01-21

Last online:2009-02-18


Visual Arts, puppetry and performance.

Professional Organisation

Dog and String Theatre


Professional Statement

Policy Dog and String Theatre


Dog and String Theatre was established in 1995 by visual artists interested in presenting work outside of the gallery context.
Animation theatre provided the artists with a means to unite diverse skills and work collaboratively.
The performances developed in an experimental way and evolved from the direct communication with the audience used in street theatre.
The need for childrens theatre provided the company with the opportunity to present the work. To date, the company has been self suficient and independent of funding organisations.
Listed below are the companys aims and objectives.


To bring high quality visual theatre to childrens audiences.
To bring childrens theatre to rural areas and marginalised groups.
To be versatile and able to perform in theatres, village halls schools, hospitals and on the street.


To work collaboratively with other artists, muscians and performers.
To keep reinventing and re evaluating methods of working.
To be commited to ongoing training and professionalisation of skills.
To bring puppetry to new audiences.
To explore and develop the theraputic potential of puppetry in health care settings with children and older people.
To engage with community groups.
To use puppetry in education, to provide workshops and training to all ages.
To be experimental and inventive.

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