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Name: Kathy O’ Leary


Leitrim Sculpture Centre,


Region: Leitrim

Website: http://kathyoleary.blogspot.ie

Member since:01-24-2012


Visual Artist 2005 *B.F.A. (Hons.), Institute of Technology, Sligo, Ireland

Awards and Residencies

2012            Residency and exhibition at The Working Artist Studio, West Cork

2011            Mentoring Program with Ruth Le Gear through the FireStation Artist Studios and ADI

      Artist in residence, Leitrim Sculpture Centre

      Leitrim County Council Artist Bursary

2010           Leitrim County Council Artist Bursary

2008           Leitrim Task Force and Peace 2 

2007           Artist in the Community,  Arts Council and Create





Professional Organisation

Leitrim Sculpture Centre,



Professional Statement

Artist statement

My work reflects how I collect and collate objects/imagery and how my perception alters my unique perspective. I examine colour, form, and line, which become abstract, often sculptural layers. These layers help me to metaphorically, conceptualizing, ideas and creating reflections on the ever-changing world of culture, society and technology. By utilizing the abstract space between my body and the environment to create a unique perspective and pliable structure for intuition and opportunity. These have become my methods for navigating the blurry terrain of memory and imagination, reflecting my viewpoint of the world. I trace and retrace, drawing from O.S. maps and retracing my path through them. Mapping serves as a metaphor for searching, an implication of the unknown in wide, open spaces, paralleled with my personal confines, exploring these spaces in my research methodologies.

Media and techniques

Primary medium: Mixed Media

Secondary medium: Printmaking

Creative Context

Primary context: Gallery/Venue

Secondary context: Intercultural


West Cork Arts Centre,
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