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Name: Piia Rossi


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Visual Artist specialising in participatory art projects, educator. Fine Art printmaker.

Professional Statement

Im interested in producing relationships with the world. In my practice I question the nature of authorship in visual arts, the artists relationships to the audiences and audiences relationship to arts. I question the image of the artist as a solitary figure but rather take my lead from human relations in their social context.

Im interested in practice led interventions where the focus is on non-art participants, whom will form a temporary art collective, a permanent affiliation or at least experience a lasting encounter. My projects take an experimental approach to contemporary art production as it requires equal commitment from the participant and the artist and acts as generator of material and knowledge.

One of my main reasons for using non mediated approaches in my projects is to question the art making activity itself as with the participants involvement I create an alternative method of art making that can be viewed against the backdrop of traditional art practice as it exists. I analyse art on the basis of the human encounters achieved rather than by the artifacts produced.

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