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Name: Carmel Balfe


Little Gem Puppets

Puppetry Ireland

Region: Mayo


Member since:04-08-2013


Fine art textiles and printmaking is the point from which I started my creative journey. Following a strong interest in puppetry I moved on to study SFX and puppetry at IADT. From there I worked as a puppet maker and finally made the leap to performing with my puppets. I have been facilitating workshops in puppet making and puppeteering for over ten years now, my workshops are often combined with a puppet show before the workshop which really helps to bring the puppets to life.

Professional Organisation

Little Gem Puppets

Puppetry Ireland


Professional Statement

Little Gem Puppets deliver workshops that are easily accessible, we allow the participants as much room as possible to develop creatively. Exploring puppetry in a way that is fun while also developing a good skills base is the main emphasis in our workshops. We believe that there is a magic in puppetry and our workshops are an opportunity to find it.

Creative Context

Primary context: Community

Secondary context: Intercultural

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