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Name: Dan Shipsides

Organisation: Orchid Studios University of Ulster

Website: http://danshipsides.com

Member since:2010-11-09

Last online:2010-11-09


Dan Shipsides (born 1972 Lancashire, England), Former co-director at Catalyst Arts, Belfast and is now an artist based in Orchid Studios and also a lecturer and researcher at the School of Art & Design at the University of Ulster in Belfast.

In 2004 Dan Shipsides was awarded the ACNI Major Artist Award, in 2000 won the Nissan Art award IMMA (Bamboo Support) Dublin and 1998 won the Perspective award, OBG, Belfast (The Stone Bridge).

Professional Organisation

Orchid Studios
University of Ulster


Professional Statement

My practice embodies a creative relationship to space and pursues experiential and participatory narratives of place. It aims to find ways to explore spaces with a physical and human engagement and produce landscape (both rural and urban) "artworks" based on that experience. It seeks to draw from, document, reflect an experience of a particular moment of being there whilst also linking to social, political, environmental and historical contexts articulating a societal engagement with place.

My artworks or projects take many forms including, interactive sculpture, constructions, public intervention, video, photography, drawing, performance and text. Many projects engage the collaborative input and participation of others.

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