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Name: Ciaran & Hanna Burke


Royal Horticultural Society Approved Centre

Region: Mayo


Member since:10-14-2013


Ciaran -Qualified horticulturist, National Botanic Gardens, Dublin. Runs the Garden School an approved centre for Royal Horticultural Society Qualifications. Hanna- Steiner/Waldorf class teacher and art teacher from Finland. Founders of Scoodoos- Providing workshops and educational trails for schools demonstrating Scoodoo Sculpture and twig art

Professional Organisation

Royal Horticultural Society Approved Centre


Professional Statement

Scoodoos aim to raise awareness of the beauty of trees and nature, to highlight environmental issues through sculpture and twig art workshops and the design and installation of Scoodoo Sculpture tree Trails.

Media and techniques

Primary medium: Sculpture

Secondary medium: Natural World

Creative Context

Primary context: Education

Secondary context: Gallery/Venue

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