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Name: Toma McCullim


West Cork Art Centre

Region: Cork


Member since:04-14-2014


Visual Artist BA Hons World Art - Sainsbury school of World Art ,University of East Anglia. MA Art Process Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork

Professional Organisation

West Cork Art Centre


Professional Statement

I think of my artwork as anthropological praxis. By that I mean that the primary question that I ask of my work is ‘what does it do?’ rather than ‘what does it look like?’. My participatory practice seeks to illuminate the dynamic of the social situation that the group finds themselves in. What is it that holds us together? What do we share? My task as an artist is then to create a process by which we can visualize our interaction. As such all of my artwork could be viewed as documentation. I am seeking to manifest the conditions in which we can see ourselves most clearly so the art making process can become an agent for change. When working with children I am thinking of my own agenda, and then checking what is the agenda of the child? What are we doing when we are doing?

Media and techniques

Primary medium: Painting

Secondary medium: Digital Media

Creative Context

Primary context: Community

Secondary context: Health

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