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Name: Katherine Atkinson


Create Visual Arts Ireland Edges & Margins Collective

Region: Dublin

Member since:05-11-2015


Katherine Atkinson is an arts development manager, performer and musician. At Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts, Katherine manages Professional Development. In this role she is responsible for the management of The Arts Council’s Artist in the Community Scheme. Since 2002 the Artist in the Community Scheme has supported more 250 artists - visual artists, writers, theatre makers, musicians, film makers, architects and dancers have worked with many diverse communities of place/and or interest. Katherine is a member of the Edges & Margins Collective. She holds a Diploma in Teaching (Arts) SACAE, a Certificate of Music TAFE, a Diploma in Theatre and Drama Studies from NUI Maynooth and an MA in Public Culture Studies from Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology.

Professional Organisation

Create Visual Arts Ireland Edges & Margins Collective


Professional Statement

Artist statement The context of my performance experience is multi-disciplinary. I have trained and worked in theatre and music and most recently have collaborated with visual artists and a writer (Edges & Margins) to create new work including temporal performance work. I am inspired by physical theatre, using strong visual images as part of my performance. My theatre training and performance is used to inform how I play with the violin, where the violin is an extension of my physical self, another part of my body as well as an extension of my voice. The way in which I play music is intuitive and responsive. All of my professional music experience is rooted in improvisation and experimentation. Exploring and devising new sounds and responses with the violin is a love of mine. I value listening, as unique sounds come from people, space and place, and then responding, whether to create new work or to enhance the sounds that already exist. I have immense curiosity in the exploration of public and private space through creative processes, echoing sites through sound and movement. Delving into the past, acknowledging the present and imagining the future of a site can reveal real stories and incite the imagination to create a unique mythology. Creating an environment where children and young people are engaged with public space and are able to respond freely is part of my practice. I am interested in testing performance concepts in public spaces. I am fascinated by the ways in which audiences respond to public performances, and I have researched this in both my performance work and through academic research. Intrinsic to this work was the study of power and control, and with my collaborators in Edges & Margins we exhibited artwork that was a response to the city, and the ways in which we inhabit the urban landscape

Media and techniques

Primary medium: Theatre

Secondary medium: Music

Creative Context

Primary context: Community

Secondary context: All contexts

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