Ruby wallis's profile

Name: Ruby Wallis

Organisation: Galway Arts Centre/ G.M.I.T/ Kidsown residency


Member since:2008-09-10

Last online:2009-05-10


Ruby Wallis was born in 1975 in London and has lived in Ireland since 1988. She has an M.A in Documentary photography from The University of Wales, Newport 2007 and a fine art degree in painting from G.M.I.T. Galway, 2004, where she graduated with first-class honours award.

Wallis has been exhibiting widely since 2002 and has been working as a community artist/ fascilitator, notably at The Galway Arts Centre since 2000 ; Arus Eanna in Inis Oirr as part of the Artist in the community scheme (CREATE) 2005/ 2006 and Burning Bright.Wallis has also taken the role of visiting lecturer in Fine Art at The G.M.I.T , Galway.

Professional Organisation

Galway Arts Centre/ G.M.I.T/ Kidsown residency


Professional Statement

Ruby Wallis attempts to explore the elusive nature of representing the other as subject in photography. Within this process she comes to realise that the photographer, the subject and the spectator are entwined in a triangle, one in which the three gazes intersect, only to reflect our subjective visions. Through the practice of photography Wallis works with portraiture in an intimate way, often focussing on close domestic relationships, a fascination with psychological space becomes integral .