Regional Group dlr Artists Panel

Artists from the dlr artists panel are starting off the first regional group.

As a member of a regional group, Artists will meet together on a regular basis to share their work and approaches.

Each group will define their own way of working that will best suit the group. They will define the content and structure of the meetings. they will also decide how best to documnet and share their process and outcomes to the wider community.

It is a very exciting development of

There is a lot of potential for learning not only for the artists within the groups but also for the wider community, I look forward to following the developments and the outcomes.

The artists will be keeping their own project journal on after their first meeting on the 24th.

The members of the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown group are: Caroline Lynch, Claire Halpin, Jennie Moran, Joe Coveney, Julie Merriman, Liz McMahon, Lucinda Jacob, Maree Hensey, Marie Brett, and Terry O`Farrell.
If youre interested in meeting in your local area, please contact us to find out more.