About Helene Hugel:

Helene Hugel is a social entrepreneur, artistic director and founder of Helium, a children`s arts and health company.  She is originally a puppeteer, children`s theatre maker, and arts and health practitioner, with a qualification in hospital play specialism.  She began her professional career as a puppeteer in 1997 as co-founder and partner of the award winning Pca Puppets.  She also worked part-time for 5 years as a team member of the Northern Ireland Clown Doctors.  She is supported through Social Entrepreneurs Ireland in her development of Helium. 

I am an artist who has discovered social entrepreneurship through my evolving artistic practice as a puppeteer and performer working with and for children in hospitals and health care settings.  I am committed to progressing my artistic practice through collaboration and cross-sector partnerships while positively impacting on child health, health care workers and the health systems that support children and their families. As an artist, I regard the healthcare setting as a dynamic platform to develop groundbreaking artistic work for, with , and by children and young people.  As a social entrepreneur, I regard creativity, the imagination, and creative processes as essential to child health and child-centred health provision. 

Through the company Helium, Helene Hugel is working to improve health outcomes for children and young people on the Isle of Ireland through innovative arts experiences which place the child and young person and their family at the centre of their care.  In her spare time, Helene enjoys hiking, surfing, cycling, growing vegetables, and learning trad flute.

We look forward to Helene`s contributions to Practice.ie