Practice European Artists Network: Artists announced...

Kids’ Own and are to partner with Sligo Arts Service, the Model, Sligo, the Ludwig Museum in Budapest and Sally Stuudio in Tallinn, on the Practice European Artists Network, which will bring together artists from Sligo, Estonia and Hungary for a unique pilot programme, funded through the Arts Council’s EU Local Partnership Scheme.

The pilot aims to explore the value of connecting artists at European Level, who work with children & young people, and researching the types of supports artists need to connect and share their work. With an initial meeting between eight artists at the Model Sligo, in early April, the artists will continue to connect online until June 2013, when the project will culminate in a showcase at The Ark, A Cultural Centre for Children on June 10th.

The artists who have been announced for the project are:

Naomi Draper is a multidisciplinary artist who is currently based in Boyle, Co. Roscommon. Alongside an established studio practice in sculpture and glass, Naomi often works in an educational and community context. Naomi is interested in creating work which responds to specific sites. Through her work she examines issues of protection and containment looking at the spaces we create around ourselves and the relationship we have to them.

Kate Wilson is trained in both visual arts and performance. Her current work explores the areas between media and the synthetic fusion where arts languages meet. Kate directs a performance company comprising of artists from both dance and physical theatre backgrounds. This group have recently joined three international improvising musicians for a residency and for performances ’Hereinafter’ at the Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon. As a painter, her work on canvas is represented in civic and private collections such as the AIB collection, Dublin and is the recipient of artists award from the RHA Gallagher Gallery Dublin. Kate’s work in arts education spans all age groups and is multidisciplinary in its approach. She has completed many artist residencies in schools, arts centers and galleries throughout Ireland.

Anna Leask is a mature student studying Fine Art at Sligo Institute of Technology. She also works part time documenting other artists’ work and assisting children’s art and creative workshops within local galleries. She hopes to continue with photography as her art form after she leave her studies, as well as teaching art to children of all ages.

Hando Tamm is a painter and a performance artist from Tartu, Estonia. He has a BA in painting from the University of Tartu (2004). He has been working since graduation in Tartu Children’s Art School, where he has been an art teacher and organizer of different events and workshops for youngsters. Recently he has been involved with Tartu Art College, as a lecturer of performance art. As a painter has had 9 solo exhibitions and has taken part in several group exhibitions in Estonia and abroad.

Kristina Tamm is a lecturer of art history and philosopy in Tartu Art College and a teacher in Tartu Children’s Art School. She has studied history of arts in University of Tartu (MA). At the moment she educates herself as a teacher of philosopy in University of Tartu. She has been an art critic, produced electronic study materials in art history, and over the last years has been an active painter. As a teacher and an artist she deals with historical and philosophical topics in art, and links practical art studies with contemporary art and modern study methods.

Jane Remm is an artist and art educator based in Tallinn, Estonia. She has studied painting in Tartu University (BA) and Interdisciplinary Arts in Estonian Academy of Arts (MA). She is currently studing Andragogy in Tallinn University. Her study focuses on art teachers’ professional development in the field of contemporary art. She works in Sally Stuudio art school, as an art teacher and project coordinator. Sally Stuudio is known for dealing with contemporary art issues in art education, breaking borders between youth and professional art and being the initiator of Eksperimenta!, The Contemporary Art Triennial for School Students ( As an artist she is active in the field of painting, but also works in installation and video art. She has had solo and group exhibitions in Estonia and abroad.

Rita Farkas turned her attention early on to the technique of ink, but during her development as an artist she has experimented with analogue film, painting on canvas, photography and other mixed techniques as well. She has also recently been participating in several mural projects and has designed and painted large-scale wall-paintings. In addition to her educational career, she has designed and made several special works of art for children. But she also dealt with mural paintings and illustrations. Her style is based on the combination of abstract and figural art. Rita hs been teaching 12 - 18 year old students at Könyves Kálmán Secondary School since 2010.

Hajnal Miklós’s paintings are statements of the bond between nature and human - they refer to the immanence of powers beyond which are common for both. From the white backgrounds of her canvases with vivid light colors evolve portraits of young figures - we can witness their connection to the elements of nature. Hajnal has been conducting workshops for children at the Ludwig Museum-Museum of Contemporary Art since 2006.