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Dream Depot - the hangout

The `hangout` was placed illegally on common ground in a field behind the youth centre. The Noorderparkkamer had looked into getting a temporary permit for the hangout but this was going to take too long, and if it was refused then we would feel like we were really breaking the law by then building it. It was a dilemma as the local City Council who had funded the project were also the ones who would give or refuse the permit.

The hangout was placed in the centre of the field in a bit of a dip so that the young people would not be too visible. It was far enough from any houses that the young people would not disturb the residents too much. In the event that hangout caught fire it was far enough away from any trees of other structures. Because the police were informed about the project and even came by once during one of the workshops, they saw it as a positive thing. One of the local residents complained to the police and to the city council, but its almost a year later and the hangout is still standing.

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