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My approach to early intervention and artistic play is through

·   conversation

·   collaboration

·   flexibility and openness

·   a belief in the values of learning through free play

·   the opportunity to experiment within a supportive environment


Children are competent and resourceful learners from birth and this learning can be extended in partnership with their parents. Working with parents and children will allow the parents to try out new skills/ideas, to support their children’s learning, to unearth their own creativity as parents and to allow the space for quality time with their child in a community environment.


My current studio practice is exploring the concept Rhythm & Repetition. I draw, I paint, I construct. I work with clay, paint, paper and found objects.


Drawing and mark making is a powerful tool it is a language made with an immediacy and directness. Drawing charts every movement every action every sequence of thoughts. It is a language without words. Actions happen rhythmically and patterns emerge. Clay invites touching rolling bending twisted and squeezing a wonderfully malleable material. Free play and improvisation with card paper, found objects and clay allows the child to make sense of their world and helps them realize their potential as makers.


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