orla kenny's profile

Name: Orla Kenny


Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership

Region: Sligo

Website: http://kidsown.ie/index.php

Member since:2008-12-03

Last online:2013-05-13


I am the Creative Director of Kids` Own

Professional Organisation

Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership


Professional Statement

Orla Kenny is a visual artist and the creative director of Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership. During her time at Kids` Own she has developed, coordinated, implemented, and managed high quality publishing programmes with, and for, children and young people nationally and internationally. Through her work Orla is committed to providing high quality arts experiences for children and young people and to enable children to reach their creative potential respecting and valuing their own ideas, and the ideas of others. She is passionate about the value of professional artists working with children and is committed to their continued professional development and support.. Her role as Creative Director is to raise the profile of the creative skills and work of young people to a wider audience and to ensure a quality, open and equal relationship between professional artists and children working in partnership together.

Media and techniques

Primary medium: Publishing

Secondary medium: Digital Media

Creative Context

Primary context: All contexts

Secondary context: All contexts