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I am a visual artist, creative educationalist and an arts manager. My formal education includes a diploma in psychology from Maynooth, a degree in fine art from Limerick College of Art and Design and a masters in arts management from Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge. I have worked creatively with children since 2000 making work in Dublin and mainland Europe, with and without a common spoken tongue, using creative understanding to collaboratively create. My work with children aims to explore a naturally intelligent and free imagination, where real creation is almost always an intelligent action, done with concentration and joy to understand the world and our relationship with it.

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Early Childhood Creativity




Professional Statement

Early Childhood Creativity is a creative initiative that aims to address a significant gap in provision and shared understanding of what is appropriate, useful and needed in early childhood creative education (0-6 years) in Ireland by delivering quality creative experiences to early years children (0-6 years), their parents/guardians and educators, engaging exceptional creative artists. 

Early Childhood Creativity aims to stimulate creative thinking and activity in early years children and their parents, and to support artists and educationalists to develop specific and creative ways of working with early years children (0-6 years).

At the heart of Early Childhood Creativity lies a creative cross pollination of artists, educationalists, researchers; both creative and academic, and those experienced with play therapy and child psychology, to create an environment of shared knowledge and experience, dedicated to the creative development of very young children, their guardians and their educators.

Early Childhood Creativity is based in Dublin but carries out creative, developmental and educational projects throughout Ireland and mainland Europe.