Leitrim County Council Arts Office seeks artists: 2015 Artist in Schools & Artist in the Community

Leitrim County Council Arts Office seeks artists for 2015 Artist in Schools and Artist in the Community Schemes.

Leitrim County Council Arts Office seeks interest from artists from any arts discipline to take part in the Artist in the Community Scheme and Artist in Schools Schemes for 2015.  We are looking for artists who have experience in delivering high quality arts experiences with groups and who are interested in working collaboratively with people.

Both schemes fund an artist to work in a school or community group for 10 hrs development time, 35 hours contact time and 10 hours evaluation and documentation time at a rate of €40/hr.  The total fee is €2,200 and will be paid in two instalments, half at the commencement of the project and half at its completion. This fee is inclusive of all costs incurred by the artist including travel. Materials required for the residency are provided by the group.

For the Artist in Schools Scheme, artists submit an application and a shortlist will be invited to attend interview. Schools are invited to separately register their interest in the scheme and once selected are provided with detailed information on each selected artist’s practice and interests. Artists are provided with information on each school, their interests, contexts and experience of arts projects and the arts office subsequently aligns the pairings.

For the Artist in the Community Scheme, artists initially only provide an expression of interest in the scheme. Details of the four community groups selected through a separate process will be provided to those interested after which artists can then apply to work with one or other of the four groups. From those applications received, a shortlist of artists will be invited to attend interview so we can match the artists’ skills to the group’s needs. 

A facilitated planning session designed to create the most productive planning process will take place for each scheme. This will involve teachers/liaisons from all participating schools or groups and artists together. Further project development sessions will be scheduled between each artist and group individually to further develop the ideas and ambitions for the project. 

As part of the programme each artist is required to commence an evaluation process at the outset of the project, review progress at a mid-point and to complete the evaluation with the group at the end of the project. Documentation of the project (text/image/sound/video) should form part of the evaluation. There is no requirement to have any exhibition or performance at the end of a project.

The closing date for artists to apply for either or both schemes is Friday 27th March. 

For further information and application procedures go to www.leitrimarts.ie or contact Christine Kelly, on 07196 21694 or email ckelly@leitrimcoco.ie