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It is a suitable time and place to introduce myself and some of my plans during my guest editorship of Practice.ie. I am a great fan of contemporary art, I find it to be both intellectually inspiring and attractive. This is why I will mainly focus my guest editorship on teaching contemporary art.

Even though postmodern contemporary art is prevailing in art world already for half a century, it still seems to be a minor topic in schools’ art classes, seeming to be a complicated issue for many teacher. I am convinced that contemporary art needs to be taught, both, because of the need of raising future competent art audience and art professionals, and because contemporary art attracts young people. Contemporary art in its diversity gives a good chance to develop not only art related competences, but enables to develop interpretation and social skills, to support creativity and to create connections between different disciplines and issues in society, science and culture. Even the provocative art work have the potential to provoke interesting and useful discussions. Teaching contemporary art may need other focuses (analysis, interpretation, interaction) than traditional art, thus finding suitable teaching methods is one of the key issues, in addition to presumption that the teacher has interest and knowledge about contemporary art, of course. Some practices of contemporary art can be opened better by group discussion or debate, some by interaction.

During my editorship of Practice.ie I will share my experiences by introducing some projects of Sally Stuudio and Eksperimenta! The Contemporary Art Triennial for School Student and bringing out some principles which could be considered in teaching contemporary art and selecting teaching methods in the field.

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