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Story Lines

Lots of changes since this project has started with the youth service and school. The title has been changed to Story Lines now we thought this was nearer to what the project is about and also more youth friendly. Essentially this is about youth well being. Young people choose what stories they want to tell about there lives, about the challenges young people face and what concerns them. This is done through stop motion animation which I want to show on this space also.

As the project progressed a number of changed happened, actually alot as its an action research method Story Lines was constantly refined and edited to cater for the young people. Its interesting having worked in youth arts in an informal and non formal setting to now introduce this pedagogy into the formal environment. A couple of things that were important in this process was 1. A good link with the school and 2. Support from the youth service. Good communication was essential with both parties to really sit down and discuss the how and whys. In this case I was lucky that both are very supportive and interested in Story Lines in the school and youth service. I’d love to know how other people experienced working in schools? And what challenges they had? 

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