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Children’s Feedback

After learning much from the pilot programme, all the children on the second programme were asked for their feedback. Their comments were very positive and the majority of the children seemed to enjoy both the process and the end product. One boy summed this up by writing, ’ I like this kind of work’. Other children wrote about the process itself. One girl commented, ’I liked when we were brainstorming’ and one of the boys wrote, ’I liked when we recorded what we said’. Another boy wrote, ’I liked when we had group conversations and talk(ed) about the story.’ One of the girls ’liked when we did questions’, while one of the boys ’liked when we drawd the characers’.

The children also commented about the contents of their own plays. One boy related to the main character in his play, ’I like Deans caricta he is like me’, and one of the girls enjoyed a particular episode in her play, ’I liked when Bob went to Krazy Woodies’.

When the scripts were read out for the first time the children often called out ’that’s mine’ when they heard something they had created. One of the girls referred to this in her comment, ’(what) I like about the play is that we all have something.’ Another girl mentioned their transition from makers to potential performers at the end of the process, ’I liked when Everybody got to say a part’. And for children with mixed literacy ability many of the children noted that they had enjoyed reading the plays, ’I liked when we got to say the lines of the play out loud’, ’I loved it It was awesome especially the reading’,

The only negative comments were about the programme coming to an end. One girl wrote, ’I do not like that we do not have time to do some more.’

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