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    A story emerged about a bird creating a nest. | Fabricate

A story emerged about a bird creating a nest.

We got into some serious construction work on our Fab Week Two! I introduced the idea of creating3d form with equilateral triangles using toothpicks and plasterceen! The children created these small structures with great enthusiasm and then allowed their imagination to flow inventing and shaping small installations!
We then decided to go out and harvest some willow from the locality and use this material to expand our constructed worlds into the playground.
 This was a great oppotunity to meet with our neighbours. John Callaghan came by; a grandfather of several children of the school and Denis Flynn a local gardener who will help the children plant their new garden.From my experience of gathering willow (which I do ever authumn) there will always be someone appear by your side to exchange some knowledge and share in past memories of how much this beautiful natural resource was deeply connected to our not so past experience. It is indeed a pleasurable and rewarding material to work with!
The weather was surperb and allowed us to play with the shadow lines our willow structures made. We chalked the playground and finished our day creating a tent from one tetrahedron shape to house a shadow play. A story emerged about a bird building it`s nest; of it being captured and caged as a present to the king because of it`s beautiful song and of  a young girl who frees the bird so that the song could be enjoyed by everyone.

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