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On the Move, 1st - 3rd class, Drinagh National School



The twenty children from 1st , 2nd and 3rd classes in Drinagh National School created this wallhanging. We decided to focus on the theme of sustainable transport, because this is a theme James L. Hayes touched on in his artwork Looking into the light of dark matters and we wanted to integrate it with our Green Flag Programme. We are currently studying modes of transport which benefit or damage the environment and we hope to achieve our 4th Green Flag for this work.

We decided to explore the possibilities of fabric and fibre as media for the project. Having already designed small pieces we wanted to take on a larger project. In line with our other work with the Green Flag Programme we used recycled materials. At first we looked at the local landscape and following much discussion we made drawings of the different modes of transport, both good and bad. We then looked at, handled and talked about a variety of fabrics. We studied the tactile and visual qualities - colour, pattern, texture and chose samples to suit each part of our wall hanging. The cutting assembly and gluing of the samples was logistically challenging but great fun.


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