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Going once, Going twice, Gone, Our Lady of Mercy National School, Bantry, Integrated group (Special needs and 3rd class)


For this project we used our imagination and creativity to show people what it might have been like at the Fair in Bantry long ago.

We were inspired by James L. Hayes’ work about Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley. "They were acting so like them it was as if they were real."

Local historian Hazel Vickery came to our school and showed us photographs of Bantry from a long time ago. We then collected costumes, props (and a real hen!) and acted out scenes from the fair, imagining the kinds of stories people would be telling each other. We chose the best pictures for this exhibition and decided they should be in black and white, to look like old photographs.

We realised that "art isn’t always drawing and painting, it can be dressing- up and fun as well." Our project turned out: "amazing, fabulous, interesting, fantastic, brilliant, creative, spectacular and savage cabbage!"




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