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Irish Legends, Our Lady of Mercy National School, Bantry, 3rd Class



Our art work entails four legends from Irish History. We displayed these legends with the use of silhouettes. The silhouettes were then brought to life and following that were made into a movie "with real actual movement" with the use of the children’s voices to tell the legend.

We studied the work of James L Hayes at the exhibition in Skibbereen where we looked at a movie about Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley and we decided to create our own movie.

We began to revise certain legends such as The Salmon of Knowledge, Oísin and Tir na nóg, Cúchalainn and Helen of Troy. We firstly sequenced the story with the use of pictures. Following that we created silhouettes to combine with each legend. We created the main characters for each legend and some backgrounds. The scripts were then written to combine with each legend. The scripts and the silhouettes were combined and videoed and the children’s voices recorded along with the movement of the silhouettes.

The entire project proved to be exciting, interesting, fantastic, fun, creative, enjoyable, cool, and magnificent and finally it was class!!!



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