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The Journey of the Carrot from Farm to Plate, 3rd Class, St Finbarr’s Boys National School, Bantry


We were inspired by James L. Hayes’ artwork The Essence of Taste that showed asparagus growing and the effect it had on our bodies. We looked at the food pyramid and researched farming practices and how food is imported and exported. We decided to use recycled materials to represent the many different ways food is transported around the world. We chose the carrot as it is the most popular vegetable in our class and is a very common everyday food in Ireland. Recycled materials represent the amount of waste that is produced by food production, and travel, and how we could use greener practices in the farming industry. This was also a subject tackled by James L. Hayes in his work Looking into the light of Dark Matters.

The circular shape, and movement of the artwork represents both the cycle of food, and the constant movement of food around the world. Each boy in our class made individual parts of the artwork based on their own drawings and then we put it all together to create a circle. The only concern the boys had was that it might appear that we didn’t put a lot of work into the project because of the materials we used.

"I hope people won’t think we didn’t work hard at it. It looks cheap!" James Collins, 3rd class

Being environmentally friendly and cost effective were utmost in our minds when it came to choosing materials! We were taken with the asparagus in James Hayes’ exhibition being placed on the floor so decided to create a floor piece to be a little different. We hope you like it!



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