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Puppet Portal Project Hospital C Day 18

We made very simple but highly comic `splash puppets` from a spiral cut out of paper for our `Water` theme. 

Each one was quite a character - a rastafarian called Mr Bo Jangles, an underwater creature called Bubbles, a Japanese wannabe dictator called Chong, a dead fishes eyeball and a dangerous underwater creature whose name we never found out because he was so busy trying to eat us.

We linked up with some `Air` puppets and performed a chaotic show where a key in a bottle led us to a treasure chest and a map to find dry land. 

Timewise, its a challenge to keep on top of all aspects of this theme structure  but the puppeteers are very adaptable and we performed a funny show to video for ourselves afterwards.  An effort to make a screen recording of the exchange fell through because I had not tested the software enough. Better luck next time. For anyone interested, a 30 day free trial can be found at

 A freelance journalist came to do an interview about the project in teh afternoon - watch out for Puppet Portal in the Sunday Business Post!

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