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I am excited at the prospect of committing to blog here for a year. Blogging for the Puppet Portal Project proved a useful reflective tool, helping assimilate and ’reboot’ for frequently challenging work. I also enjoyed the act of writing itself, to me both a creative pleasure and a way of thinking. 


Looking at the year ahead it will, initially, be primarily concerned with a show I am making in irish for young children in celebration of their extraordinary growth process. I have already posted about the research phase of this which I coupled with work in an inner city pre-school. 


In the summer I spent a very intensive day mocking up in paper cut outs, a floor piece that I hope will form both set and a framing warm up/wind down activity for the show. I used this to test a ’draft’ of it with 3-4 year olds in the local creche, with the excellent support of their staff. A colleague who is acting as a part time advisor/ director was observing, and I also filmed the session to study later. I was very pleased with the response of the children and their carers - one of whom declared

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