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Nearly finished - Tic teac puppets in progress


The pieces have been given joints (muslin and copydex, again pinned when drying and limbs carefully pinned into correct position first). I trim the pieces to make what I call ’pinnochio joints’ to allow only natural movement, so the puppet does as much work as possible for the puppeteer. The knees are halved polystyrene balls (also used to give shape to the faces, see next shot) there for aesthetic reasons - they should make a nice round through the clothes - and to ’lock’ the joint in straight position. E has jumped in to show scale, she is nearly five and smallish for her age, so I see I need to ’grow’ the puppet beside her a little bit more, could prob do with extending torso a little. Leg joints need a little more fine tuning too, but it is nearly walking.

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