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Open head surgery - Tic teac puppets in progress


Shows the inside of a head, wadding and poly balls to give cheek and chin shape. The fabric is a thin foam backed cashmere. I chose it for its colour (I wanted an ’everychild’ not necessarily caucasian/negroid/asian but which every child would identify with. I did notice though that when my daughter drew her she made her brown) but it turns out lovely to sew around shapes with, having a tiny bit of flexibility, and a lovely texture to work with. Here I am actually removing a test face to replace it with the simpler, more symbolic face (again part of the ’everychild’ ambition.) Next week I will test these puppets for the first time with an audience of young children and see if they are satisfied with this or are wondering where the eyes and mouth are. Last week I tested it on adults at the Theatre for young audiences conference and they were unanimously satisfied with them. In movement the audience ’read’ expressions onto them.

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