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Why do I do what I do?

At the start of the session, we got into pairs to explore the question of "Why do I do what I do?". Each person in the pair had to speak to the question for five minutes while their partner listened without interuption.

When asked, one thing you said or heard, here were some of the responses:

"It’s difficult being an artist in isolation."

"Sometimes we can’t see what is what depending on the scale."

"Using painting as a way of expressing emotions during transitions"

"Working together on an art project is better than drugs!"

"Balancing a studio practice with teaching work..."

"The need to create (whether you like it or not!)"

"A useful skill in youhg work is having a sense of humour."

"Being a practising artist means having a rollercoaster in your life."

"Teaching is putting words into something that’s wordless."

How did this exercise feel?





"Difficult not to interrupt or participate or respond."

"Huge question"

"Went quickly"

"Difficult to be concise"

Any insights from the exercise?

"Questioning oneself and priorities"

"Important to listen"

"Similar challenges"

"Clarifies by talking"

"Reminds you of what you’ve forgotten"



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