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Some feedback from participants:

"Loved the framework; very practical; good atmosphere -very open. Thank you. A space of learning."

"It provided a great insight inot other artists’ practices and methodologies. The work shown today and the issues spoken about were very inspiring and have helped me with my own practice. Thank you very much."

"Great opportunity for variety of disciplines to discuss practices"

"Great to hear how other people evaluate in creative ways."

"It was just great to be in a room with people that have the same thoughts and feelings towards our future generation!"

"Lively positive atmosphere; Good to meet new people from different artistic backgrounds; Good to take a logical approach to reflecting on our work;"

"Found today extremely useful and motivating for my future outlook; It was a very informatl way of networking and communicating."

"Great to see the kind of practice that is out there and to meet people within the field."

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