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Reflections of each other’s work

After the Pecha Kucha presentations (in which each artist presented 10 images of their work and had 20 seconds to talk about each image), we brainstormed things we had seen and heard:

- A painted sun

- "It is a privelege"

- "Thousands of people going for one job..."

- "The boys are resistant"

- Children drawing what they heard

- Children’s opinions brought to a higher forum

- Chasing grants...

- Community practice

- "I would love to give something back"

- "Louder together"

- People enjoying themselves

- A world of colour

- Great sense of belief in children gained from experience

- Positivity

- No making excuses

- Critical responses

- Using available materials

Points at which participants found themselves nodding in agreement or frowning..?

- Facilitators making themselves redundant and letting the young people take over (nodding);

- The importance of finding something to get themselves going (nodding)i.e. thinking about engagement & attention span;

- National Gallery not being a welcoming space (frowning) - more discussion followed about this.

- "Nodded with everyone at some stage - really interesting work across the board."

- We’re not therapists but we are providing an outlet and this is undervalued;

- BUT (in response to above) Art is and should be for everyone. There needs to be a space where we are not analysed or judged. Art for art’s sake is really important.

- Our work shouldn’t be judged differently because it is made with/ by children and young people;

- Our work has a huge impact on communities - it’s power is lasting in some contexts;

- You don’t work in isolation when working with children in community contexts;


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