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Why do I do what I do?

As with our other Practice Days, we unleashed this question on participating artists. In pairs, each participant had 5 whole minutes to talk to the theme of "Why do I do what I do?" while their partner listened without interjecting or engaging in two-way discussion.

After both artists in each pair had taken turns, we reflected as a group on what we had said or heard...

One thing you saw or heard...

- Turn negative into positive;

- Make a difference in children’s lives - and children who don’t always have access;

- Facilitating young people is satisfying;

- "Enjoying turning up to work"

- "provide opportunities"

- Kildare County Council is interested in arts faciliation;

- "Art has changed me as an individual and can change other people"

- Support & acceptance;

- Hanging 800 works in one day;

- Not wanting to be a solo artist;

- Art can influence relationships, e.g. within a family;

- Concept between youth work and art aren’t necessarily 2 different things - there is crossover.

How did it feel either as a speaker or listener to do the exercise?

- Difficult to just listen - you wanted to interject;

- Difficult when you heard something that resonated;

- You wanted to hear more;

- It clarifies what you do and you say it with pride;

- It matters!

- Good for your own mental development.

- Interesting to see/ hear people’s development;

- Had never said some of the things out loud before - makes you realise what’s important.

Some learnings/ insights:

- It’s alright for things to fail!

- Often we are responding to funders.

- Awareness of your personal life (and crossover with the professional).


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