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How do we reflect?

We spent quite a bit of time finding out from artists the different ways that they reflect, both with their young artists and also for themselves. We discovered that some art forms lend themselves to reflective/ evaluative methods quite well, e.g. drama.

Here are some of the ways in which artists carry out evaluation/ reflection:

Participant feedback (written or other form);


Looting at the art work/ outcomes;

Trying to capture conversations with participants;

Using art-form specific methods (e.g. drama exercises in which body language can be used to express how participants are feeling);

Go back to the original plan and trace the points where things went well or not as planned;

Careful observation during sessions;

Ask "One thing you’ve taken out of today"

We then spent some time individually using the ORID method to reflect on a recent project, session or piece of work.

Here were some of the responses afterwords...

One sentence or word you wrote down:

- "I set myself up for failure"

- Delighted that there were both boys and girls;

- "Felt frustrated"

How did the exercise itself feel to do?

- felt good.

- "Made me realise what was important"

- Very useful.

- At times frustrating when the categories overlapped..

Learning? Is this a useful exercise? Would you use it again?

- It makes you be very specific

- Can you give you a clear response

- Brilliant! I will use it again.


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