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Neon Lights

Neon Lights is the first workshop in the series i devised for the parent and toddler group in Derrylin, Fermanagh. The workshops are bespoke for the group and are devised around and initial meeting i had with the group over cuppas and biscuits.

We looked at the practicalities of the space we have, we made an ’ideas sheet’ on which we all write down ideas for the project. 

What came out the meeting was the strong feeling from the parents that at this early age, the children didn’t get much opportunmity for ’messy play’... Many parents just couldn’t face the thought of paint on the walls or carpets at home... So, between us, we decided this would be our initial aim, to create a ’messy play’ area for the children to explore in...

We set up a long table at standing height, and a shorter table to kneel at, I laid out large sheets of neon card and also large sheets of black paper...it was the town at night...or twinkling lights from an aeroplane...

I laid out bottles of squeezy paint, jars of paint, chalks, crayons... I squeezed out pools of paint onto the card and it waited for little fingers and hands...There were large brushes and small brushes too, all to choose from, have 2 brushes or 3!

We opened the messy play room and in the children came, some with their parents, some alone...

we made smudges with fingers in paint, we drew circles and squares and giraffes,

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