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Sky Larks

Today we entered our wee room to the view of a tree, standing right there in the room from floor to ceiling! A real tree, a young hazel tree that had been cut down by chainsaws in an effort to clean the views of Lough Erne, left to be shredded with all the other saplings...but this tree was meant for better things, for meeting the children of Oaklee! 

We looked at the bark on the tree and it’s long branches, it was a frosty morning and we talked about waking up to white twinking grass and cars and paths... then we dipped our brushed in white paint and became the elemets! We dotted and sponged and dribbled our frost and snow onto the tree, changing it from browns and greens to winter white....We reached high intot he branches, asked tall children to reach high with their snow...

The the wishes came, we cut and ripped fabric, shiny and bright, we tied it to our tree and it became our magic wishing tree.

I wish for a tractor...I wish for snow


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