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    puppetry with transition Year : Session 9 Character brainstorms | A Year’s Practice

puppetry with transition Year : Session 9 Character brainstorms


Before the puppets are completely finished it seemed a good idea to begin the character development brainstorming, also wondering about possible relationships between different puppets towards finding their story. I grouped the puppets according to scale and character, then the girls either agreed with the grouping or re-shuffled them, each person having last call for their own puppet’s position. Then the whole group played the brainstorm game again that we had used in the first week with my puppets, but this time for their own. I gave each girl a card which became the puppet’s ’name’ so they coud think of ideas of how the different puppets related to each other. When they were finished everyone returned to their own puppet’s sheet full of ideas from 10 - 15 others and choose what interested them and then each group shared and created the primary ideas for their group of puppets’ stories before returning to making for the rest of the session. 

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