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The following text is an excerpt from the publication “An idea of Art and Childhood”, contributed by the Helios Theater (more info below).


The outlook on childhood is coined socially to a great extent, which is both an opportunity and a danger, as childhood is always dependant.

I would like to quote a passage from Wikipedia:

“Childhood as a social construction. Childhood, in many cultures, is characterized as a time of freedom from work, a time of learning, where children’s rights to shelter, to education/nurture and to a free development of their personality are expanded. Children and childhood studies have been more and more taken on the opinion that children are not only “humans in development” but “people in their own right”. The term development is rejected as a paternalising metaphor, as it reduces childhood to a state of transition towards adulthood.

The subjective needs, wishes and interests of the child are highlighted”.

(contributed by Helios Theater )


 “An idea of Art and Childhood”, is the first publication by the Artistic International Association Small size. It´s a collection of some of the associates’ ideas about art and childhood.

Small size is the European Network for the diffusion of performing arts aimed at early childhood (0-6), providing a structure through which to meet, share expertise and exchange knowledge; to develop collaborative projects and disseminate information and research.

Further information:

Full publication “An idea of Arts and Childhood”:

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