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Otherland - New Sounds from the rabbit hole [ˌkɑmpəˈzɪʃən] 8

Animation of the score for an experimental music piece. Result of a children’s workshops of noise [mu’zi: k] (Daniela Fromberg & Stefan Roigk) in the Creche Pankower Imp, Berlin 2011/12

After extensive explorations and experience with the phenomenology of sounds of everyday objects such as paper, brushes, boxes, combs, rubber bands, etc., the children (age of 4-6 ) began to structure their musical play with graphical notations. The video combines recordings of concerts the children gave and the scores that they themselvesdrew.

Funded by the Berlin Project Fund for Cultural Education. 

I met Stefan and Daniela briefly at the Symposium about "arts and culture from the beginning" in Dresden and was very inspired by their work. Even just sitting at a table displaying all the materials or "instruments" they work with made us adults start to explore and play! We also had the opportunity to -for moments- be "by-sitters" in a workshop session they held (as part of a weeklong engagement with a group of children in Dresden- much shorter than their usual projects which span many months). There was a great atmosphere of attentive  and active listening among the children which also amazed me. 

Keep an eye on the artists interview section- to follow!!

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