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  • Fiona  Whelan
  • Fiona Whelan

    Editorship commenced: 2010-09-01

    Fiona Whelan (IRE, 1968) studied Environmental Design in Dublin and scenography (MA) in Utrecht. In her artistic practice she focuses on community arts and educational projects. For this purpose she founded Dream Depot in 2008. She often works with socially or culturally disadvantaged youth, as for instance in projects in East Vlaardingen, Kildare and North Amsterdam. She combines her own observations with the dreams and thoughts of the youth and children, who use photography, model building, scenario writing and various other artistic techniques to develop their ideas. Together with Susann Rittermann she developed ’When does the day begin’, an artistic and philosophical exploration of daily objects, realized as an art project by pupils of a primary school over a span of two years. She occasionally works as a set designer, collaborated with Hillary Blake Firestone and Artisjok020. She also was one of the original founders of Nairobits, the webdesignschool in the slums in Nairobi.

    Fiona’s website: www.dreamdepot.org

    During her editorship, Fiona kept an EDITOR’s BLOG, in which she talks at length about the DREAM DEPOT and BUDEN projects in Amsterdam. READ MORE...

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