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October 2010: Fiona Whelan


I met Ulrike in 1999 when we were both selected from freshly graduated art students in the Netherlands, to make a piece of work (together or separately) for a duo exhibition in an art gallery. We choose to collaborate. We felt it was a successful collaboration in terms of both the work we made and the way in which we worked together.  In this interview i ask Ulrike questions relating to her approach and artistic process.


How would you describe your work
Your body is your home
Can this programme be repeated
Can you talk about collaboration
What is your role
Why is your work Art
What methods do you use
Why is your work important
What research do you do.

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About the artist

During and since her art education Ulrike Bartels’ work has been about the affiliation people have with objects that are dear to them. The people participating in her projects are both subjects and collaborators. She not only works with children but with people of all ages and very often in and around their places of residence. It seems to me, that while developing ’the work’, she comes in very close contact with the objects that are important to her subjects / collaborators. Her background is in jewelry design.

About the project

I see in Ulrike Bartels a huge fascination for what is precious both in objects, (often beautifully handcrafted) and in the personal value we humans attach to our belongings.


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