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  • Having a BLAST

    Having a BLAST

    Alison Glennie created a hybrid approach to the delivery of the BLAST programme at Kilgarriffe N S,  exploring visual arts through drama. She worked alongside the teaching principal, Susan...
  • Point of Departure: a Lament

    Point of Departure: a Lament

    Point of Departure: a Lament was a site-specific, immersive, promenade performance art piece, devised for Reen Farm Sculpture Garden in West Cork, at the invitation of internationally acclaimed...
  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse

    Alison Glennie devised ’The Lighthouse’ for Drama Club. This was included in a variety show for suicide awareness. Brief: How music & light effect the darkness. ...
  • Drama Club at Uillinn

    Drama Club at Uillinn

    As an artist my focus is on process over performance. However, in recognition of the public desire to view end product and to explore a different medium, it was decided to make a short film...

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