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  • Festival of World Cultures - Bookmaking Workshop

    Created 2009-08-30 by vanya lambrecht ward

    Location: Urban - Co. Dublin

    Duration: 2009-08-30 to 2009-08-30

Project Outline

The Sunday of the Festival of World Cultures Kids Own organised two Bookmaking workshops for children of 6 and over. Mary Branley (writer) and I went up and facilitated the day.

The idea behind Kids making their own books is simple and attracts young illustrators and writers alike. Some prefer to concentrate on the story others like the images to do the talking for them.

The Images were compiled from colourful and patterned paper collage and detailed with pencil crayon and pens. The writing was guided by Mary and either written by the children themselves or with the help of Mary.

The results were above all a very enjoyable afternoon away from the hussle and bussle and a collection of lovely tales accompanied by colourful imagery.


Project Details

  • Location: Urban
  • From date: 2009-08-30
  • To date: 2009-08-30
  • Length: one day two 1.5 hour workshop
  • Participants per session: 25
  • Participants in total: 15
  • Contact hours: 1.5
  • Age range of participants:
    12-14, 8-11, 5-7
  • County(ies):
  • Related Organisation(s):
    festival of world cultures, Kids Own
  • Funding Bodies:
    minister of intergration
  • Other Related Artists:
    mary Branley

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