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  • The Paper Playground, Coolock Library (Early Years)

    Created 01-2018 by Lucy Hill

    Duration: 01-2018 to

Project Outline

A series of Early Years workshops designed for Dublin City Councils Artists in Libraries Program, Coolock Library. I designed a series of paper forms and childeren were offered a range of tools to work and play with paper (string, sellotape, elastic bands, hole punchers, scissors) focusing on inventive imaginative uses for paper while also exploring its properties, we made paper dinners, paper clothes, paper birds, paper holes, paper stepping stones, paper hair, paper hoola skirts, paper beds.....

Project Details

  • From date: 01-2018
  • Participants in total: 24
  • Age range of participants:
  • Related Organisation(s):
    DCC Arts Office, Coolock Library

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