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  • Once upon a Time....St Annes School Ennis

    Created 2009-11-11 by Shona MacGillivray

    Location: Urban - Co. Clare

    Duration: 2009-11-11 to 2010-03-03

Project Outline

 An exploration of fairy tales and imagary.Im pleased to be back again in this school for children with special education needs. Getting to know the children helps in directing this project.We talked of  tales, recited some, made up some.Most of the knowledge came from Disney films,and a few from books.I went with the three tales they knew the best. We explored different materials and methods , printing, painting, resist, etc. and worked in groups for background pieces, and individuals for the smaller pieces.We built up a huge picture collage from some of the work, many other pieces were kept by the children.The older children were involved in the final design and collaging the piece. Keeping art work on the concrete wall is not easy! This piece is meant to be temporary, replaced when it gets tatty or falls down.

Project Details

  • Location: Urban
  • From date: 2009-11-11
  • To date: 2010-03-03
  • Length: 20hours, over 10 sessions
  • Participants per session: around 25
  • Participants in total: 4 to 8
  • Contact hours: 20hrs,
  • Age range of participants:
    5-7, 8-11, 12-14
  • County(ies):
  • Related Organisation(s):
    Embrace Arts and People with Disabilities Programme, Clare Arts Office, St Annes School, Ennis

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