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  • Horizons

    Created 2010-01-20 by Tunde Toth

    Location: Rural - Co. Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny

    Duration: 2010-01-20 to 2010-04-30

Project Outline

"Horizons" was a participatory art project involving a group of children from the local community in Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny.

This project has organically grown as a continued process following previous arts programmes developed and facilitated by Tunde Toth visual artist.

This time the nature of the programme changed slightly and slowly throughout the 3 months time frame, our focus shifted more and more to engaging participating children in experimental processes, and a continued communication about their works and about art and creativity in general.

There was a conscious and strong focus on the children`s art diaries, gradually filled with drawings, sketches, little writings and responses - and filed with records of serious fun!

The exhibition that followed had been a clear reflection on this shift of focus, showing processes, finished and unfinished works, initial, introductory drawings, materials, diaries, photographs etc.

Project Details

  • Location: Rural
  • From date: 2010-01-20
  • To date: 2010-04-30
  • Length: 3 months, one 2-hrs workshop per week approx + exhibition time
  • Participants per session: 15
  • Participants in total: 9 - 11
  • Age range of participants:
    8-11, 8-11
  • County(ies):
    Kilkenny, Kilkenny
  • Related Organisation(s):
    The Watergarden Gallery
  • Other Related Artists:
    Tunde Toth, Tunde Toth, Tunde Toth, Tunde Toth

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