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  • Me, Myself and I, 2028.

    Created 2008-09-02 by liadain butler

    Duration: 2008-09-02 to 2008-10-09

Project Outline


This project enables children aged 7 plus olds to go through the design process by creating a customer profile, designing an outfit for their chosen customer and becoming fashion designers.

They will experiment with a variety of fabrics and fibres and discover different materials, methods of construction and application of fibres and fabrics.

Over a 14 hr session of 2 hrs per session each student will create a colourful character based on an exploration of where they see themselves in 20 years.

These will be made using both 2d and 3d methods i.e. using free stitching to change a fabrics surface, simple appliqu, making 2d fashion blocks(templates/patterns) and designing and making clothing for their individual character which they will construct in 3d, using pre made felt body parts,head,body and limbs.

They will discover how different textures of fabrics feel when combined, draped and folded, and effects that can be achieved by adding wool,ribbons,lace,sequins,buttons and beads.


Stage one 2hrs- The birth of the characters


This is the brief:


Imagine yourself in the year 2028!

What will you look like?

Where do you live?

What kind of clothes will you wear?

Interests and Hobbies?


Favourite colour?

Tell an interesting fact about your character?

What kind of food do you like?

What kind of materials/fabrics would they wear, and how would you use them?

At this stage the students feel a variety of fabric and fibres and decide which ones would be best suited to their characters fashion style.

Make a list of all the information unique to your character.

Create an a3 drawing of the character on card and when this is drawn each one is to be traced onto **curtain netting for the next stage of the project.


Using a variety of fabric and fibres they will create a collage using the outline drawn as a guide for laying down their garments. They manipulate the fabric on the card using fingers and glue, twisting, tearing, gathering, cutting and layering fabric and think about how they might achieve these effects using needle and thread. Simple stitches beads and sequins can be applied on the surface.

Fabrics to use:


Ribbons, feathers, fur, felt,chiffon,organza




Materials needed:

Variety of fibres and fabrics, fabric squares12x12



A3 card


Curtain netting

Beads and sequins

Darning needles and thread


Stage two 2hrs-creating a textile stitched piece


Using the **curtain netting as a template, we will use basic stitches and a variety of threads,wool,string,cord to trace the outline of the drawing,this is to give the student idea of how stitching can be used to build up  textures and create patterns on the surface for decorative effects.

The needle is seen as a drawing and designing tool.


Materials needed:

Curtain netting from previous week

Darning needles








Stage three 2 hrs-putting bodies together and making patterns


Each student is given felt body parts to make up their characters bodies comprising of a head, body and 2 arms and 2 legs. These will be constructed by me using unspun wool fleece, washed and felted in the washing machine.

The pieces will be joined together again using needle and thread.

Mini fashion blocks will be given to each student, dress, top, trouser and these will be altered by the students to suit their individual requirements.

These will need to be redrawn and cut making a set of blocks for each students distinctive designs.


Materials needed:

Needle and thread




Set square /clear plastic ruler


Stage four 2 hrs-making the garments


Now the patterns have been altered, they ready to cut out their garments by laying patterns onto the fabric, and marking each piece out with markers.

Fabric is cut and the garments are sewn together using thread /wool.


Materials needed:


Chosen fabrics


Needle and thread


Stage five 2 hrs- adding features,embellishments and accessories

Hair, jewellery and facial features are applied using stitch work, beads sequins and any other method the student wishes to use. Any accessories will be made at this point.


Materials needed:

Needle and thread







Strips of fabric

Old jewellery/beads


Stage six 2hrs-exhibition and presentation

Exhibition in local gallery

Each student has produced a colourful fabric collage, a stitched textile piece, a felted character with outfit and accessories, and a set of pattern blocks unique to each one which has been created from an imagined profile of themselves in 2020.


A presentation is made describing their character, his/her interests, hobbies etc,

They should be encouraged to talk about the fabrics,fibres,stitchwork and colours they used to create the garments for their individual and what they liked best about the project.


This project will take 12 hrs


Project Details

  • From date: 2008-09-02
  • To date: 2008-10-09
  • Length: 2 hrs per week over 7 weeks
  • Participants per session: 30 in class
  • Participants in total: classroom sized group 30 people
  • Contact hours: 14
  • Age range of participants:
  • County(ies):
  • Funding Bodies:
    crafts council of ireland, county council arts service, county council arts service, county council arts service, county council arts service, county council arts service, county council arts service

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