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    Created 2014-03-13 by Tomasz Madajczak

    Location: West Cork Arts Centre - Co. Cork

    Duration: 2014-03-13 to 2014-03-27

Project Outline

In, on, out or on the other side. Physically we are always related and dependent of the surrounding place/space and objects which happen to be around. Using random objects build a visual representation of the experience of surrounding environment (working space, school, home, town, city, country, island, continent, world, galaxy), expressed this time symbolically on 2 dimensional surface of photographic paper (darkroom - photogram), building up towards a final composition created in a bigger scale.

Project Details

  • Location: West Cork Arts Centre
  • From date: 2014-03-13
  • To date: 2014-03-27
  • Length: 3 weeks
  • Contact hours: 1.5 hours x 3 weeks
  • Age range of participants:
  • County(ies):

Project Posts

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