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  • Sugar & Spice, Water & Ice

    Created 2008-09-23 by Michael Bass

    Location: Rural - Co. Antrim

    Duration: 2008-09-23 to 2008-11-18

Project Outline

This project took place in Mount St. Michael`s Primary School, Randalstown, over an 8 week period in Mr. Devenny`s P6 class. 29 pupils had the task of creating a film to place in a local shop window as part of the local community`s Christmas lights switch-on.

The project`s mandate was to involve the community at large, the class curriculum and the festive season, though not necessarily the Christian holiday.
The P6`s were studying the cycle of water on our planet and a tie-in to water cycles across the globe was a logical staring point. Points of interesting locations, peoples and climates were listed on a flip chart. It was decided that our story had three main characters, all being droplets of water on a cloud. Each cloud got heavy and fell down to a country where it`s indigenous peoples were celebrating a festival. At the end they would evaporate back up to their cloud and shout Merry Christmas.
Participants drew a storyboard to assist in the design of our film`s artwork. For the designs of the other characters, research was done on the internet to view what the differing lands and cultures looked like. A script was written and performed by the participants that were voted the favoured speakers in the class.
The class was then divided into 5 groups.
Each group got a sequence of the film.
While the artwork was being created, the script was recorded. Filming began on the sequences that had been completed first.
We recorded extra sound effects for splashes and windy weather.
The editing process was explained and demonstrated.
Enthusiasm of the teacher and his students remained high and our film was completed on time.

Everyone was delighted at the results displayed in the window of a local electronics shop.

I have since been invited back this week for a special school assembly to say a few words about the process and premier our film. For that, I have prepared a Power Point slide show with images taken from the film and of the class in action.
Happy Holiday to all! -Mike

Project Details

  • Location: Rural
  • From date: 2008-09-23
  • To date: 2008-11-18
  • Length: 8 days
  • Participants per session: 29
  • Participants in total: 29
  • Contact hours: 20
  • Age range of participants:
  • County(ies):
  • Related Organisation(s):
  • Funding Bodies:
    Antrim Borough Council, ARCHES, Randalstown, ARCHES, Randalstown
  • Other Related Artists:
    John McKeag, Sandra Kerr, Sandra Kerr

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